Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Yesterday afternoon in La Paz, it rained. A lot. I was outside grilling shrimp as it got darker and darker. Then it started raining, just a little at first, but in about three minutes it was pouring. Art came out and held an umbrella over my head while the shrimp finished cooking, and then we fled inside. Judging by our impromptu rain gauge (a pyrex pan left beside the barbeque), we got more than 2" in about 45 minutes.

The house we are house-sitting for the summer isn't normally waterfront property, but yesterday afternoon, it was riverfront. These views are from our second floor balcony looking out at what is normally the street:

If you look at the cement wall in the center of the picture, you can get an idea of how brief and intense this storm was - the wall didn't even get entirely wet:

New Toy

While I was back in the US recently, I bought a lensbaby kit. I have some experience using a view camera, where you can alter the angle between the film and the lens (among other things), and thought it might be fun to be able to do something similar with my SLR. It is:

I'm going to need a lot more practice with it, but I'm looking forward to using it in Mazatlán this winter.