Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New cockpit table

Arione's cockpit table has been sub-optimal since the day we bought her. For starters, it was too high - we always felt like we were at the kids' table when we used it. It swings down to store on the front of the binnacle, so mounting it higher up meant it could be longer. However, it made it fairly useless for eating. The yard in Seattle designed a sort of Rube Goldberg setup that allowed us to lower the table once it was set up, but a cockpit table that takes two people and swearing in at least one language to set up doesn't get used a lot. And the leaves opened from the bottom which meant their remaining level with the table depended on hardware that was just screwed to the table's underside. Better hope no one leans on a leaf - everything will go flying as the screw pulls out of the wood (why, yes, we've had that happen).

So we had a new one made. With cupholders. And leaves that open from the top. Reggie, the same guy who did our teak decks built us this. I love it.