Saturday, January 26, 2013


We have been in Mazatlán for a couple of months now, and will be here for at least one more, since we're waiting on our residency permits from INM (Immigration). The permanent resident cards are apparently processed out of Mexico City, rather than locally, and it takes a while. That's OK, we're really enjoying our time here.

There's a beautiful historic district (Centro Historico), which is easily reached by bus:



Abandoned Building

View into Abandoned House


Bench in Front of the Art Museum

Abandoned House with Trees Growing out of the Roof


Unrestored House


Row of Houses

Restored House

There are beautiful beaches. At the north end of town is Playa Bruja (Witch Beach), which is very rocky and has lots of interesting tide pools. We went up there on a day when there was a minus tide.

There are tiny bright blue fish in this pool

Patterns made by the water in the sand


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Charts in Mexico are a little off

When we were coming into Los Frailes on our way over to Mazatlán, we were a couple of miles offshore. The chartplotter, however, showed this:

Yes, that's us, merrily sailing over the point.