Sunday, March 07, 2010

Getting the boat to San Francisco

We've been tossing around ideas about how we want to handle the trip down the coast from Seattle to San Francisco. It's way too long a trip for us to do by ourselves, so we need to add some crew. We also have pretty limited offshore experience -- Art has done this trip once before on Pete and Bonnie's boat, while my offshore experience consists of a few trips from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay. It seems like what we want is a mentor -- and we're thinking the best way to get that is to hire a delivery skipper. We'll need at least one other crew. I've found a couple of prospects via google, but apparently there are either very few delivery skippers on the West Coast (unlikely) or you find them in other ways. Guess we need to start asking around.


Doug and Carla Scott said...

Have you thought about posting a note on the Gate 11 Google group? I know lots of those folks love to go on a sailing adventure! I think you have access to the Google group, if not, let me know!

Best of luck and looking forward to seeing you again - someplace warm!

laurie said...
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Jaye said...

I did get myself signed up for the Gate 11 group off the link on your blog --thanks. By the day after I posted this, we actually had a full complement of crew (guess I just had to write it down to make it happen). We spoke to a delivery skipper who has done tons of deliveries up and down the coast between here and SF. We've not met, and he's not seen the boat, but assuming none of us is unpleasantly surprised upon those two things happening, that looks like a go. The other great news is that Art's son Max wants to sail with us on the Seattle->SF leg as well.