Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The decks are done. We went back in the water on Saturday, May 7th. Took the boat back to Marina Palmira and started the drudgery of moving out of the rental and getting the boat put back together. We got out of the rental by the 12th, but the putting back together process is still underway to some extent - not only had just about every single thing aboard been moved to the middle of the boat so that the guys could access the underside of the decks, but all the stuff that had migrated over to the casita had to be reabsorbed. I'd say we're at about 90% at this point.

We've decided to stay in La Paz for the summer - the more we talked to people about Mazatlan, the hotter and steamier it sounded. We'll go to the mainland after hurricane season. Art's going to fly up to San Francisco and retrieve our car this weekend - Marina Palmira is definitely nicer than Marina de La Paz, but it's a way out of town, so the car, while not absolutely necessary, will be very nice to have. Hopefully, when Art gets back, we'll have a chance to get up into the islands before the really hot weather gets here. Redoing the decks sort of ate our cruising season this year, but the project was well worth it.


We are extremely happy with how they came out.