Friday, June 10, 2011

Driving down Baja

Art took four days getting down Baja - if we'd both been on the trip, we could have done longer days, but by yourself, it's harder, so four days broke it into manageable chunks. Day one was from El Cajon to El Rosario. He had a car full of stuff - boat parts for friends and things that we either can't find here or that are much more expensive than in the US. I've brought this sort of stuff back by plane before, and have never been charged any duty - I just hand the customs guys a copy of our import permit for the boat and that's that. Unfortunately the customs guys at Tecate had either never seen one of these permits (seems unlikely) or didn't want to deal with it. Either that or the guys at both the Cabo and La Paz airports are doing it wrong, because they charged Art duty on every last thing he had in the car. Not a huge amount of money, but it had to be paid in cash, which he didn't have, so finding an ATM and settling up took a while - good thing he'd planned on short days.

El Rosario was a stop that a lot of people had recommended. Boy were those recommendations spot on. The Baja Cactus hotel had beautiful rooms for just a little more than $30 (US).

Baja Cactus:

From El Rosario, it was on to Guererro Negro, then up and over the mountains to the Loreto on the Sea of Cortez side of Baja.

This was the view from Art's room in Loreto. He arrived in La Paz early the following afternoon.

It was a long drive, but now we have a car. Totally worth it (easy for me to say as I wasn't the one doing the driving).

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Ana said...

So sorry you guys had to pay in Tecate! We've been thru there many times and the custom's guys never even look in our trunk! I'm sure there are variables like time of day. We are always there first thing in the morning and they just aren't ready to start their day yet. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if two people versus one in the car makes a difference. In any case, it's great that Art made it safely, you now have a car and are mobile!