Thursday, February 09, 2012

Whale Watching (this time, with actual whales)

Having heard from our friend Sharon, who went up a week earlier, that there were definitely whales in Bahia Magdelena, we set off for a second try.

Tuesday morning, there was no fog. We got out on the boat with Enrique at about 8:30. There were tons of whales. I'd estimate we saw at least 70, probably more. They were everywhere. This is a very different experience than watching whales in California - you're in a panga, which is maybe 28' long, v. a fishing party boat, so your boat is actually smaller than the whales. The whales come right up alongside, and swim under the boat. The water is so clear that you can see them doing this. It was amazing.

One thing I learned: It is really freaking difficult to photograph whales. I was out there with my SLR and my new spiffy long lense and I didn't get much.

Mostly, I got tails:

One shot of a whale breaching:

I got a few others, but they weren't in great focus. I was whirling around with the camera so fast that I'm amazed he was in the frame at all.

Magdelena Bay is gorgeous, and it was a beautiful day:

When we got back to the launch area, it was almost low tide, and the wading birds were out in full force.

Spoonbill Egret:

Great Blue Heron:

Egret in flight:

The beach at low tide is covered with sea grass that is almost unimaginably green:

It's also incredibly spongy, so I didn't walk out very far, for fear of being sucked in.

I finally got some good shots of the nests I saw last time - the ones on top of the power poles. This one is on a platform. Look closely - the eagles have the best punk rock haircuts.

And they're gorgeous flying:


Sarah Powell Erickson said...

How FUN! Your photos make me want to go!

Susan Branch said...

Had to laugh at the whale photo, the one where he is almost not in the frame! You got him!!! I know how you feel; although he is trapped here in my house, Jack is like this! One paw in some photos, a blur in another. Beautiful photos, one whales tale is worth a thousand words. xoxo