Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Our Beautiful Girl Starts a New Adventure

When we bought Arione 16 years ago, I don't think we fully realized what a huge impact she'd have on our lives. Over the years, she's been our home, our weekend getaway, and our magic carpet. We've had some of the most amazing (and a few of the most terrifying) experiences in our lives aboard her. I can't imagine a better cruising boat for a couple.

We've had Arione on and off (mostly off) the market for the past year. A few weeks ago, we were contacted via the Mason owners' mailing list by a potential buyer in Florida. He flew out and spent a few hours with us going over the boat. We agreed on a price and he came out again for a sea trial and survey. The transaction closed yesterday, and she's currently at KKMI getting decommissioned to go on a truck to her new home in Florida. 

It's weird to look out behind the house and not see a mast back there. It was a great 16 years of cruising and living aboard, but we're ready to move on - our long distance cruising days are behind us, and she deserves to be actively cruised. Her new owner, Scott, plans to do just that in the Caribbean and beyond. We hope he gets as much joy from her as we have. Ourselves, we're starting the hunt for a much smaller, simpler boat for daysailing on the bay. 

Goodbye, beautiful girl, we'll miss you!


Megan Miller said...

Hi this is Scotts daughter. Trust me Arione will be well loved. He has been looking for the perfect boat for over year and Arione is that one! We can't wait for her to make her grand debut in Florida. (Besides which girl doesn't dream of an extended stay in the carribean?!?) Worry not she will be in loving capable hands during her next adventure.

Jaye said...

We're both really glad your dad bought her - and you're going to love having her in the family. She's a great boat.