Monday, September 13, 2010

Ford Point

When we went out yesterday to pump out and fuel up, I noticed the old Ford plant building up by Marina Bay. That, I thought, is a really cool looking building. Because I love old industrial buildings when we got back to the boat, I drove over there and took some pictures:

A lot of old assembly line buildings are mostly glass - it was expensive to light a line, so why not use natural light when it was available?

I'd think that might make them difficult to light at night, though.

Maybe they had curtains.

I'm fairly sure that most of the interior partitions are later add ons - it must have been really impressive as a huge open space.

It's apparently part event space and part offices for companies - most outdoors-y or green - e.g. Title IX and a solar energy company (which had several Priuses parked in front).

Some other shots in the same general vicinity:

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Sue Gaines said...

Jaye, we've been there for music concerts it is a beautiful building. The Boiler House restaurant at the Craneway is very good. Give it a try if you are there much longer.