Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Tonight will likely be our last night in Santa Barbara - we want to spend some time at the Channel Islands and Catalina before we go to San Diego. It has been incredibly hot the past couple of days - triple digits - I guess it's good practice for Mexico. The grocery store is about a mile and a half from the marina, which is where our folding bikes come in really handy.

I tried to go to the grocery store yesterday - unfortunately google maps on my phone directed me to a now-closed Von's. The second place it suggested was a glorified liquor store, at which point I gave up, bought a six pack of Pacifico, went back to the boat and pulled some steaks out of the freezer for dinner. Today we found the actual grocery store (two blocks from the defunct Von's - I have no idea why google on the computer showed it and google on the phone didn't) and got all stocked up for a few days out in the islands.

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