Sunday, October 03, 2010

Marina Del Rey

We left Monterey under a full moon and did the overnight passage down the Big Sur coast to Morro Bay.

The Morro Bay Yacht club was a nice stop - their Friday night happy hour was a pleasant surprise.

From Morro Bay, it was another overnight to Santa Barbara. We got held up by a rocket launch (yes, an actual rocket - they were testing an ICBM, apparently), but otherwise had an uneventful trip around Pt. Conception. We pulled into Santa Barabara to greetings from Sarah and Darrell on El Tiburon - they had half of an end tie and we promptly requested the remaining half from the office. We've been following them down the coast since Alameda - usually pulling into places just as they're leaving. We expect to do this again tomorrow at Catalina.

The view from our end tie in Santa Barbara:

The Channel Islands were gorgeous:

We're now in Marina Del Rey, with a good grocery store in easy walking distance and a side tie at a city park. Tomorrow morning, we'll leave for Catalina.


Doug and Carla Scott said...

Love the photos and glad to hear that the nice weather is holding. Enjoy Catalina!

Crit said...

Hi Guys, I may see you in Catalina. I amin Two harbors but will probably leave tomorrow. Or the next day....The weather has been GREAT but I thnk the next two days might me a bit overcast. Hope to see you soon.

Jaye said...

We're headed to Two Harbors this afternoon