Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Twenty Six Miles Across the Sea...

Actually, from Marina Del Rey, it was more like 33 miles, but whatever. We're here in Catalina - on a mooring in Isthmus Harbor. It's been a little cloudy, and even drizzly, but it's really quite beautiful. Last night:

This afternoon, there was a yellow submarine moored behind us. Seriously. I think it's probably related to the USC facility on the island.

We had lunch in the little bar in Two Harbors, then went for a walk on the hill behind the anchorage.

This is the next harbor over - Cherry Cove. Pretty, but there's nothing there but a yacht club, and it didn't look like it was open.

The road we were walking along - this is looking toward the other side of Two Harbors toward Catalina Harbor on the s/w side of the island:

The island looks to be none too stable, geologically speaking. This is a large chunk of land that has separated from the ground behind it and slid.

Tomorrow, we're heading to Avalon, on the other end of the island.


Sarah and Darrell said...

Your pics are really really good,

Jaye said...


Lane said...

Looks like you're doing well! And yes, love your pics! Keep it up, we are still working, but enjoying the sail thru you guys. Lane

Doug and Carla Scott said...

Looks like you guys are enjoying your trip - great! And, you caught up with the gang. Should be lots of fun ahead.