Sunday, October 17, 2010

San Diego

We've been here a week. Our marina is in the middle of nowhere, out by the airport, but even with the need to rent a car, is much cheaper than staying at a more centrally located place. And we'd really have needed the car anyway, for at least some of the time, to (for example) go to Costco. Interestingly, it was a lot cheaper to rent from the Enterprise location at the airport (from which they won't come fetch you) than it was from the smaller off airport locations. Getting picked up and dropped off is convenient, but the price difference worked out to ~$50 each way, so a cab to the airport it was. We later learned that we could have caught the hotel shuttle over there for free. One very nice thing about this marina is that it comes with access to the pool and hot tub at the Sheraton next door. We've been making a lot of use of that.

We went to the potluck at Downwind Marine yesterday. I made brownies, but I think I must have put too many miniature peanut butter cups in them (it seemed like a good idea at the time), as they refused to set up. So the brownies stayed home and we showed up empty handed. There was plenty of food anyway.

We've been crossing a lot of items off of our list, but seem to be adding even more. I've finally realized that it doesn't all necessarily have to be done before we leave, but all of the necessary bits need at least to be purchased. Next week promises to involve even more running around. Our crew starts arriving Saturday.


Doug and Carla Scott said...

You are right - no need to install. Just buy and stash for now. Life will settle down very soon!

Jon said...

Jaye and Art, Jon and Kim here. We met you at the Crew Party. Hope you had a good sail to San Diego. We found a boat to crew on for the HaHa, but decided their prepartions for safety and basic operational functioning were sorely lacking. Might you still need or want 2 more crew? I did the HaHa last year, Kim is enthusiastic novice.