Friday, November 04, 2011

Going North

After getting a late breaking problem with our refrigeration fixed (sometimes, it's like the boat knows when we're trying to get out of dodge and tries to thwart us for some reason, in this case with a shorted switch), we left La Paz on October 20th.

Our first night at Caleta Partida was pretty bouncy, (but with 85˚ water, which allowed us a bit of swimming). From there we had planned to go straight to San Evaristo, which is almost completely protected, so that we could get a decent night's sleep. We decided to tow the dinghy, which turned out not to be such a red hot idea, as about 8 miles south of Isla San Francisco, Art noticed that the dinghy had about six inches of water in it. It was way too bouncy to try to bring it aboard, so we diverted to San Francisco.

Going to Isla San Francisco turned out quite well - the wind had calmed down by the time we got in there, and we were, at least for a while, the only boat in what is usually a wildly popular anchorage. The weather was cooperating, so we wound up spending three nights there, swimming, snorkling and hiking in this very beautiful and protected place.

We had a rare cloudy day in the Gulf of California that was perfect for hiking, so we went up the spine of the island and around to the back:

After three days at Isla San Francisco, we were off to our original destination, San Evaristo.

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