Friday, November 04, 2011

San Evaristo

We love San Evaristo. It's a little fishing village of about 20 families in a cove that's protected from pretty much all directions. It has an interesting shoreline for gunkholing in the dinghy,

a fairly well stocked little store, and the pangueros are happy to sell you extremely fresh fish right on the beach. It was mostly the lure of a nice fresh pargo perro (snapper) - a fish that we can't catch with our trolling rig- that drew us in, as we didn't technically need to make another stop so soon (only 9 miles) north of Isla San Francisco. We figured we'd stay two, maybe three nights.

We had a nice hike over to the salt ponds on the far side of town:

Just as we'd planned to leave, the weather suddenly turned on us, and very early in the season, we had northers. Since north was where we were going, this was unwelcome news. So we waited. And downloaded weather on the sat phone. And listened to weather on the SSB. And waited some more. Finally, on Saturday, the winds had pretty much died down. The seas, however, had not, so we had a fairly miserable trip up to Los Gatos. The dinner that was waiting for us there, though, made the 6 hour bash through large and sloppy southbound chop completely worth it.

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