Monday, August 16, 2010

Seattle to SF - Part 3


8/15 (this is where I began to forget to keep track of nautical miles)

Had hash browns, sausage and cantaloupe for breakfast. Went to the little marina store – no eggs, but milk, beer and wine. Topped up our fuel and water tanks,– and left Newport at noon. It's totally calm (and foggy) today – much more pleasant, and also an opportunity to learn how to set up the automatic fog signal on our new hailer. Made an orzo, feta and spinach salad for lunch – it would have been better with the pine nuts I forgot to buy (or was unable to find - I'm pretty sure I'm going to find some musty old bag of pignoli months from now, stashed somewhere inaccessible), but was pretty good anyway. Later in the afternoon, the waves started kicking up again, but either it wasn't as bad, or I'm getting used to it. Either way, it's an improvement. Dinner was baked ziti with shrimp and goat cheese. Looking back on that menu, today was rather pasta-riffic – I've kind of gotten off my original meal plan a bit, but no one appears to mind.

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