Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seattle to SF - Part 5

Day 6 – 8/16

We're really bombing along now – the seas are almost completely flat. The difference between these conditions and our first few days out would be hard to exaggerate. I've figured out a reliable way to make coffee without having to stand there and tend it for the entire time it drips: Put coffee pot in two quart (tall, narrow) saucepan, put a silicone pot holder in the sink, and set the saucepan on that. The saucepan stops the coffee pot tipping over, and the potholder stops the pan from sliding around. In case something goes wrong anyhow (nothing has so far, knock wood), all of the mess is contained in the sink. We're probably going through about three pots a day, so it's nice to have a way to do that without having to babysit it the whole time. Everyone foraged for breakfast (granola, HB eggs, etc.), meat loaf and broccoli for dinner.

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