Thursday, March 14, 2013

Barrancas del Cobre - Day 2

The train to Posada Barrancas takes about five hours, and involves an elevation gain of about 2500 meters.

The first part of the trip is through low hills - which were pretty dry at this time of the year.

Much of the trip follows the river.

There were farms and small settlements every so often. Much of this area isn't served by any road. We were on the first class train, but there is another train that runs in one direction or the other every day but Wednesday and makes a lot more stops - I assume that's how almost everything needed moves in or out of this area.

A van met us at the station and took us to our hotel - Mansion Tarahumara.

The hotel is set up with a main lodge building, with the guest rooms in little bungalow like structures scattered up and down the hillside. It was lovely.

Our room had a sleeping loft and a kitchen. We didn't use either, but the loft provided a nice place to get a shot of the room.

Because Posada Barrancas is a tiny town (pop ~300) with very few services, all of our meals while we stayed here were included.

There was a lounge area with a fireplace that they kept going all day. A very comfy place to curl up with a book.

It was cloudy and rainy the day we arrived - and COLD! The landscape reminded us both very strongly of the area around Sonora in the Sierra Nevada - pines and boulders. We took a walk out to the rim of the canyon (in the rain, so no pictures) had a delicious lunch and dinner, and, after figuring out how to work the heater in our room, went to sleep. The next day we'd get our first real look at the canyon proper.

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