Friday, March 15, 2013

Barrancas del Cobre - Back to the Canyon

Since we had some extra time, and since Art had missed going to the canyon the previous day, we decided to use the second half of our last day in Creel to go back to the cable car. The weather was also much better, so i was hoping that I'd get some better photos. I wasn't disappointed. It takes about an hour to drive from Creel to the cable car - on a surprisingly good road that criscrosses the train tracks several times.

There's a river way down in the bottom there:

Art standing on a viewing platform the juts out over the canyon. In the wind, which there thankfully was little of this day, the platform feels a little, well, mobile.

Before we went back over to Divisadero, we watched this guy climb out on the balancing rock. It wobbles quite a lot. Jose told us that he used to go out on it, but about six years ago, a Canadian woman went on it, freaked out while she was standing up, and fell. She died. Jose doesn't go out on the rock anymore. Neither did we.

Then we went back over to Divisadero, for some more fabulous views:

This little bridge is called the swinging bridge. And yes, it does. I tried to time my crossing of it so that I would be the only person on it, but of course, failed. I was actually amazed I managed to go across it and didn't wind up wimping out and going around on the side of the road.

We went back to Creel from here, and met up with Gail and Murray to listen to Jose play the guitar at the Best Western, which actually had a pretty nice bar. We tried to have dinner at the same place as the night before, but they seemed to be out of everything we wanted to order - I guess we spent a little to much time listening to music and having drinks. So we went to a place a couple of doors down and had a nice dinner with musicians that were good enough to get a couple of people up and dancing.

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