Friday, March 15, 2013

Barrancas del Cobre - Last Leg

Our bus back to Mazatlán left at 9:30. This time, instead of Primera Clase, we had tickets for Servicio Confort. The main difference, as far as I could tell, was that as we boarded the bus we were each handed a bag with a sandwich, a cookie, chips, water and a soda. This bus also made fewer stops - our only stop between Los Mochis and Mazatlán was in Culiacán. We were back at the boat by 3:00.

There are a few things we will do differently if we make this trip again.
  • Build in an extra day at Posada Barrancas. The altitude change was really noticable, and it would have been better to have a day to acclimate. We could also have gone down into the canyon from here.
  • Do at least one trip down into the canyon. You can do this via ATV, jeep donkey or horse. Batopilas and Urique two towns at the bottom that are both supposed to be quite worth visiting.
  • Go right after the rainy season. Apparently there are a lot of waterfalls - many visible from the train - if you go in November or December.
All in all it was an absolutely fantastic trip, and I am very glad we decided to do it.

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