Friday, July 22, 2005

Finally, continuing North

The GPS doctor arrived as promised at 7:30 in the morning on July 13th, fixed the GPS, and we were on our way out of Vancouver, finally. Our first night, we stopped at Gibson's Landing in Howe Sound. We had read that the grocery store there was quite a walk, uphill, and so had stocked up before we left Vancouver. We hadn't been in our slip 1/2 an hour when a lady came by offering to take us up shopping. We thanked her, but explained that we'd stocked up. Later, when I was walking up to the shower, a man offered me a ride, or, seeing as I was heading to the shower, suggested I might just want to give him a list and we could pay him back when he brought the stuff by the boat. From this I drew two conclusions about Gibsons: 1 -- very nice people. 2 -- the grocery store must be one hell of a walk.

From Gibsons, we went to Secret Cove Marina, which was a very nice spot. We didn't eat at the restaurant, as we were feeling a bit overspent from Vancouver, and it was expensive. Unfortunately, the grocery store there was a little light on fresh produce, and didn't really have any frozen veggies, but they did have canned corn, the one canned vegetable we'll both eat. We should have accepted the ride in Gibsons, I guess. We topped off on food to last us for the next five days or so while we go up Princess Louisa Inlet.

The following night, we went up Agememnon Channel to Egmont, which is the closest marina to the run up to Princess Louisa Inlet. It was cloudy, but pretty, on the way up.

The run to Princess Louisa has to be done all in one day, because there's nowhere to anchor along the way. It's about 40 miles, so at 5 knots, we expected it to take us a while. There's not much at Egmont, but the food at the pub was great. The fish and chips was extremely fresh halibut. Egmont also had a totem pole. Here are a few pictures of it:

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