Friday, July 29, 2005

Prideaux Haven

Was our next stop. It's an area made up of several coves and islands, absolutely beautiful, and great for gunkholing in the dinghy. It is also very crowded, but we were able to find a spot to anchor in the middle, which meant we didn't need to practice our non-existent mountaineering skills in running a stern tie to shore (we arrived at low tide, and it was a looong way up to any trees we could have tied to).

This was the view on the way up to Prideaux Haven:

The first afternoon we were there, a couple of guys came by and asked if we knew about the dinghy parade the next day. Why, no, we didn't. They went on to explain that the theme was "Western Christmas" (I have no idea why, the date of the parade was the 26th), but really any sort of decoration would do. We made a tinfoil star for the top of our mast, strung up a string of flags, and were good to go. The dinghy parade:

There were 48 dinghies in all, which was apparently a record. This is, we gathered, an annual event. Some people took the theme pretty seriously, like this woman:

Here's picture of Bubba, sunning himself on the liferaft. One upside to it's being so crowded is that we didn't really feel we had to keep much of an eye out for eagles.

The water in Prideaux Haven is impossibly clear:


todlo del ghetto said...

that's flippin' beautiful - i live vicariously through your blogspot pix.. so keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Seeing the nice things visitors say of our neighbourhood makes us all appreciate the beauty of the area and the uniqueness of the individuals who live here. Thank you. Richard Hart, Whaletown, Cortes Island

Anonymous said...

As a Prideaux from Santa Clarita, CA, we will pass by soon on our way to Alaska. We look forward to visiting our "Haven" ASAP.