Saturday, July 09, 2005

From Nanaimo

We went over to Newcastle Island. What a great park. The anchorage is huge, and we even had a wifi signal. The beach was very rocky and pretty, and if the water had been a bit warmer, we might have gone for a swim.

The tidal range this far north is about 15 feet, so when the tide goes out, it's really out. This little tidepool was at least 50 feet in from the edge of the water.

Grass will, apparently, grow anywhere:

We left Newcastle Island on June 29th to come over to Vancouver and meet the boys and Art's sister. Originally, the weather forcast was for southwest winds, which would have been great -- a nice reach all the way across the Straight of Georgia. Unfortunately, the wind swung around to the east, so we had to motor straight into it , as well as some really vicious chop (it takes a lof of chop to stop a 36,000 pound boat dead in the water, which this did on several occasions) for 7 hours.

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