Saturday, July 09, 2005

In Vancouver

We stayed at Coal Harbour Marina, which is very nice, if a bit pricey. Actually, all the transient moorage in Vancouver is pricey, so we figured we might was well stay somewhere nice. We had a great dinner at Hon's on Robson St., were able to provision hugely because Annie drove up, and rode our bikes/skated around the Stanley Park seawall. Actually, everyone but me did that twice. The first day, one of the pedals on my bike snapped off about halfway around, so I walked my useless bike back to the bike shop to get it fixed, while everyone else rode on. Luckily, the bike was easily fixable, and everyone was game to try it again the next day. Stanley Park has some great totem poles, and the seawall is a great ride.

No lifeguards at this Stanley Park beach.

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Anonymous said...


so happy that you were able to find Hon's. I"m so jealous of your trip so far - what beautiful pictures!!